AU Forces Target Al-Shabaab Hideouts in Somalia


In recent developments, the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) has initiated an attack on Al-Shabaab hideouts in central Somalia.

This marks a significant move in the ongoing efforts of the Somali government to liberate regions from the grip of the militants. The ATMIS soldiers launched shelling at the eastern bank of the Shabelle River, specifically targeting the militant hideouts in Ciid Ciidka Cali Fooldheere.

This operation follows careful planning by the Somali National Army (SNA) and local militia over a two-week period.

It is crucial to prevent Al-Shabaab fighters from spreading further into other areas along the eastern bank, as they often use this region as a base for planning large-scale retaliatory attacks against security forces. Reports suggest that ATMIS intervention became necessary when federal government forces and local Ma’awisley fighters were unable to remove Al-Shabaab from the village.

Sensing the urgency, local militia recently took it upon themselves to confront the militants, having withdrawn from the frontlines earlier. Notably, a soldier lost his life in an IED explosion prior to this mobilization.

Regional officials are now pushing for a swift and successful outcome that will push the militants back across the west side of the river. A helicopter was spotted conducting airstrikes on the militants.

Al-Shabaab’s aim remains to overthrow the fragile UN-backed federal government, which has been grappling to establish its authority.

However, the group has faced significant setbacks as the government intensifies its operations against them throughout the Federal Republic of Somalia.