ATMIS Deputy Force Commander Acknowledges Successful Collaboration Between ATMIS and Somali Security Forces in Jubaland


The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) was recently visited by Major General Peter Muteti, the Deputy Force Commander in charge of Support and Logistics. During his two-day visit to Jubaland State, he aimed to assess the well-being of troops stationed in Dhobley.

Addressing the personnel in Dhobley town, Major General Muteti praised the Kenyan contingent serving with ATMIS for their significant contribution and sacrifices in countering the threats posed by Al-Shabaab militants and safeguarding civilians in the Lower Juba region.

He acknowledged their unwavering efforts in the peacekeeping mission and expressed his belief that, by working together with the Somali Security Forces, ATMIS can effectively degrade Al-Shabaab and establish lasting peace in Somalia. Major General Muteti also visited the Forward Operating Bases in ATMIS Sector Two, including Afmadhow, Hosingo, and Tabda.

While there, he commended the various components of ATMIS, including the military, police, and civilian units, and urged them to continue their support in helping Somalia achieve peace and stability. He also recognized the troops for their successful collaboration with the Somali security forces, local administration, and people in the region.

Major General Muteti emphasized that ATMIS aims to fulfill its mandate by ensuring Somalia’s security, stability, and ability to contribute to its own economic rebuilding. He reiterated the responsibility of ATMIS soldiers to protect lives during military operations and adhere to international laws, including International Humanitarian Law and other conventions.

Brigadier William Kamoiro, the Commander of Sector Two, expressed gratitude to the Deputy Force Commander for providing timely logistical support to address the security challenges in the sector that were affecting their operations in Jubaland. He highlighted the positive impact of this support, which enabled increased patrols in the region and numerous capacity-building events benefiting the local population and Somali Security Forces.

Kenya continues to be a dedicated member of the ATMIS Troop Contributing Countries (TTC’s), along with Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, and Uganda.