Atletico’s mind-boggling decision to turn down a potential swap deal involving Ferran Torres and Carrasco leaves fans reeling with astonishment.

"barca? The Club I Fancy Playing For!"

Atletico Madrid demands a staggering 19 million euros for their prized possession, Yannick Carrasco. However, the mighty Barca is not ready to shell out such a hefty amount and, instead, plans to appease the ‘colchoneros’ with players like Ferran Torres. Alas, according to the exclusive reports of ‘AS’, the Madrid side is highly averse to this proposition. Either Barca coughs up the demanded amount, or the Belgian wonder could continue to dazzle at the Metropolitano.

To further bewilder the already perplexed readers, Barca had earlier secured a preferential purchase option on the talented Yannick Carrasco when Depay had joined the ‘Colchoneros’. Atletico appears willing to let him go to the ‘Cules’ but for not a penny less than 19 million euros.

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Money matters are finicky, and ‘Financial Fair Play’ regulations force even the likes of Barca to tread cautiously. Thus, the Barcelona side is currently weighing other options and desires to land the Atletico winger for a considerably lesser sum.

Therefore, Barca is considering a Ferran Torres-Carrasco swap deal to tempt Atletico. But as per ‘AS’, the cunning and calculative Catalans can only dream about it as it does not align with Atletico’s demands.

At the Metropolitano, they refuse to accept Ferran Torres or any other player in exchange for Carrasco. Hence, if the Nou Camp side persists in their pursuit of Carrasco, they must be willing to pay the full value.

If the Belgian fails to fly away to Barcelona, there will be no issue for Atletico. The club is prepared to renew Carrasco’s contract but not at an exorbitant price if the player raises any objections. The suspense continues as to whether the Barcelona side can land their coveted player or not.

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