“Astonishing: Influencers Unveil the Surprising Connection Between Modesty and Fashion at Australian Fashion Week!”

What just happened?

On Wednesday May 17, 2023, Millie Roberts and Sarah Gerathy reported on an electrifying development in the world of fashion.

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Asia Hassan, a Melbourne-based designer, recently put modest fashion on the map with her groundbreaking runway show at Australian Fashion Week in Sydney. Hassan, who grew up without ever imagining such a milestone, was floored by the outpouring of support she received.

Modest fashion, in Hassan’s view, is a way to express her personal style while remaining covered up, a choice that she considers empowering. Her latest collection, “Liberty,” is all about celebrating the freedom of self-expression that modest fashion provides.

Ms. Hassan’s journey reflects a growing movement in the fashion industry, as more and more designers and retailers offer modest clothing options to consumers who may feel underserved by the mainstream retail market. For some women, incorporating into their wardrobes products that emphasize modesty is a matter of culture or faith. For many others, it’s simply a preference for more covered-up fashion that leaves a little more to the imagination.

As more people begin to realize that modest fashion can be stylish and on-trend, a new wave of content creators and influencers is emerging to provide inspiration for those seeking to dress more modestly. Influencer Basra Ajeh, for example, experiments with bold colors and textures to create unique looks that represent her individual style.

This exciting trend is sure to continue in the coming years, as more designers and retailers recognize the demand for fashion that is both stylish and modest.

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