Arteta encourages Havertz to stay ‘determined’ following his mistake in Man Utd game

Arteta Encourages Havertz To Stay 'determined' Following His Mistake In Man Utd Game

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta addressed the media following Arsenal’s 3-1 victory against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday. During the press conference, Arteta spoke specifically about Kai Havertz and his costly mistake during the game.

The match between Arsenal and Manchester United took place at the Emirates Stadium as part of the fourth Premier League fixture. Despite ultimately winning 3-1 on their home turf, Arsenal’s first goal didn’t come until the 28th minute of the game.

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In the 13th minute, Arsenal had a golden opportunity to take the lead, but their newly signed player, Kai Havertz, made a tremendously poor kick from inside the area, missing an easy scoring opportunity.

This error made by the German midfielder sparked a great deal of controversy on social media, with many questioning his ability to score goals.

After the game, Mikel Arteta, the Spanish coach of Arsenal, spoke to the press and was asked to comment on Kai Havertz’s performance. In response, the 41-year-old manager drew a comparison between Havertz’s situation and his own relationship with his wife.

Arteta said, “I told Havertz on Saturday that when things are challenging initially, it’s similar to when I met my wife. It was difficult at the beginning, and I had to work hard and make an effort. If she had said ‘yes’ on the first day, it probably wouldn’t have been a good sign.”

When asked what eventually won her over, Arteta replied, “Persistence, I believe. We went through ups and downs together, just like taking a plane on a Sunday or using the metro. We win games, and that’s the beautiful part of it.”

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