Are 16 South Africans Stranded in Gaza with No Way to Leave?


The situation of South Africans trapped in Gaza due to Israel’s ongoing air strikes and preparations for a ground attack has prompted their inclusion in a United Nations rescue plan. According to South Africa’s ambassador to Palestine, Shaun Byneveldt, the number of distressed South Africans in Gaza has increased from 10 to 16 as Israel’s assault has intensified. These individuals are on the UN evacuation list and will be relocated as soon as the opportunity arises. However, due to the complete siege on Gaza, with no means of entry or exit, the situation remains dire. Among the trapped South Africans, 15 are located in the southern region of Gaza, with the Israeli Defence Forces advising Gazans to move out of the northern area to avoid being caught in the impending crossfire. The urgency to evacuate these individuals is intensified by Israel’s objective to dismantle Hamas and prevent further attacks like the one launched on October 7th.