Antony refutes Ingrid Lana assault allegation by sharing excerpts from their conversation

Antony Refutes Ingrid Lana Assault Allegation By Sharing Excerpts From Their Conversation

Manchester United’s Brazilian winger, Antony, has taken to Instagram stories to defend himself against allegations of assault by sharing screenshots of WhatsApp conversations with one of the accusers. Antony, who is not currently training with the club, is determined to prove his innocence in the face of these charges.

These accusations stem from his ex-wife Gabriela Cavallin, who initially accused Antony of abuse. Subsequently, two other women came forward claiming to have been abused by the former Ajax player. Ingrid Lana, one of the accusers, alleged that Antony pushed her against a wall and attempted to have non-consensual sex with her during a visit to his home in England last October.

Despite these serious accusations, Antony remains steadfast in his determination to prove his innocence. He has chosen to share portions of conversations with Lana on Instagram stories as evidence that their sexual relations were consensual. Below are the translated excerpts of their conversation:

Antony: Anything you say, he’ll come along.

Ingrid: If you want, I’ll wait for you naked in bed.

Antony: Sounds good, darling.

Antony: I just landed now, did you sleep? Are you there? Don’t disappear, my beauty. The next day…

Ingrid: Are you coming back, my love? I’m going for a walk around here. Let me know if you’re coming back. Kisses.

Ingrid: May God be with you. I’m heading to the airport shortly. I wanted to meet you… Know that regardless of gender, we couldn’t get it right. You are light, God is with you, it may not seem like it, but it’s still the beginning of many blessings, not just material, especially spiritual. We take nothing from this world! What we’ll leave behind is our legacy and memories. Kiss, see you any day!

Ingrid (after an audio message from Antony): Don’t get mad. Ingrid (After a video call): I get excited when I see you.

Ingrid: I would never harm you, don’t you trust me?

Antony (after Ingrid’s audio): It’s a matter of trust, I just find it bad to keep taking screenshots of the screen, that’s not cool, so please delete that. I trust you, but I didn’t think your behavior was cool.

Ingrid: Okay Antony, thank you for trusting me. I came from far away to see you, and you don’t trust me? Are you not going to respond? Antony, I deleted it. Are you going to be mad at me? I just need to delete it from the cloud, I don’t know how.

Ingrid: Talk to me, can’t I have your photo so I can get excited here?

[Source: September 11, 2023]