An incident of conflict between two elders in Hargeisa

An Incident Of Conflict Between Two Elders In Hargeisa

Friday, August 25, 2023

In Hargeisa, the capital of Northern Somalia, a clash between two highly respected traditional elders has resulted in Sultan Mahad Aresh sustaining injuries. The incident took place on Thursday and involved Sultan Saleban Boqor Osman, also known as “Habar,” and Sultan Aresh.

During an argument between the two Sultans, Sultan Habar fired a bullet into the leg of Sultan Mahad Aresh. The police swiftly intervened and apprehended Sultan Habar at the scene. The wounded elder was immediately taken to a medical facility for treatment.

This incident bears similarities to a previous occurrence from last year when Sultan Habar injured Guruuje, a member of the Northern Somalia House of Representatives, during a confrontation involving the use of a stick.

Sultan Habar is a well-known elder in Northern Somalia, renowned for his powerful and eloquent speeches delivered to the media.