Al-Shabab Extremists Eliminated in Counter Raid Following Truck Bomb Attack in Somalia


MOGADISHU, Somalia – Following a devastating truck bomb attack in Beledweyne, the Somali government has reported that its forces have successfully eliminated a significant number of al-Shabab militants. Deputy Information Minister Abdirahman Al-Adalah stated that the attack took place in Caad village in Galmudug state, where the Somali army and local militia targeted the militant camp. The exact number of casualties among the al-Shabab fighters has yet to be confirmed, as the group has not released a statement regarding the government’s claims. Additionally, the government announced that it has recaptured several villages from the jihadists in the Hiiraan region.

These operations coincide with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s meeting with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin in Djibouti. The discussions focused on the ongoing efforts to combat the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab, an insurgent group that has posed a threat to Somalia for over 15 years. In recent months, the Somali government has intensified its military campaign against al-Shabab. However, it has encountered challenges in central Somalia.

It is important to note that Somalia receives significant support from the US in terms of military assistance, humanitarian aid, and training. US forces also provide air support by conducting airstrikes against al-Shabab alongside Somali troops.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is scheduled to visit Kenya’s capital on Monday to sign a defense agreement. Following this, he will conclude his tour in Angola.

Source: BBC