Al-Shabaab’s Attack on Kenyan Police Leaves Casualties

Al-shabaab's Attack On Kenyan Police Leaves Casualties

NAIROBI, Kenya – On Sunday, Al-Shabaab militants in Kenya carried out a deadly attack, resulting in the death of at least two police officers. The attack involved a roadside explosion that targeted a vehicle carrying members of the Quick Response Unit (QRU), a security contingent responsible for patrolling the porous Kenya-Somalia border.

The region of Mandera, located in the northeastern part of the country, has been a hotbed of Al-Shabaab activity. Despite conflicting claims from local leaders and the Interior Ministry, the area remains under the influence of the militant group.

The injured officers were promptly taken to a nearby hospital, with two of them currently in critical condition. In efforts to combat Al-Shabaab, the Minister of Interior and National Administration, Kithure Kindiki, and Defence counterpart, Aden Duale, recently visited the border towns, appealing to locals for cooperation with security forces.

Kenya had previously planned to reopen official border points with Somalia, but this was suspended due to escalated Al-Shabaab activities along the border. To enhance security and stability in the region, Kenya has established numerous Forward Operating Bases for the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF), who are also actively involved in stabilizing Somalia.

In the upcoming weeks, the Kenyan Defense Forces will collaborate with the Somali National Army and US Africa Command in the second phase of operations against Al-Shabaab. This operation will primarily focus on Jubaland and Southwest, with Kenya having utilized Jubaland as a buffer zone in its fight against the militant group.

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