Al-Shabaab returns to occasional retaliatory attacks in Somalia following their decline


General Dayah Abdi, the commander of the Somali Army’s Land Forces, is currently in Middle Shabelle within HirShabelle state as efforts to counter Al-Shabaab militants intensify in central Somalia.

During his visit to several Forward Operating Bases, General Dayah motivated the troops and acknowledged that there is more work to be done.

Over the past two months, the federal government of Somalia has been actively engaging Al-Shabaab while also encouraging local communities to join the fight against the group.

General Dayah expressed confidence in the troops’ ability to win the war and assured them of the necessary support and cooperation with locals.

Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre recently confirmed at the United Nations General Assembly that only 48% of Al-Shabaab strongholds remain, indicating progress in the coordinated efforts against the militants.

The United States, along with the African Union, has commended Somalia for its significant progress in combating Al-Shabaab and expressed continued support in eliminating the group.

As part of his responsibilities, General Dayah visited the front-line bases in Middle Shabelle to assess the troops’ readiness and performance.