Al-Shabaab Recaptures Wabho as Somali Government Troops Withdraw

Al-shabaab Recaptures Wabho As Somali Government Troops Withdraw

Monday August 28, 2023

Mogadishu, Somalia — Latest reports indicate that militants belonging to Al-Shabaab have repossessed the Wabho district, which was recently liberated by Somali nationals, as per local sources.

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After the peaceful recapture, the troops of the Somali Federal Government withdrew earlier today. Merely a few days ago, the Wabho district in the Galgaduud region stood as a stronghold for these very same federal forces.

Although the reasoning behind the government’s decision to retreat remains mysterious, officials frequently refer to strategic military considerations to justify such actions in the past.

This situation further complicates the regional dynamics in Habho, especially considering the recent success of government forces in securing the Ceelbuur district. The significance of Wabho’s location, particularly in terms of defending Ceelbuur, cannot be understated.

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