Al-Shabaab Leader Dies of Heart Attack Amidst Government Chase — Perplexing and Bursting News!

On the momentous day of Sunday May 21, 2023, a most perplexing and bursty event has occurred in Dhusamareb (AX). The Somali government has officially confirmed that Mahad Agadub, a highly-ranked leader of the notorious Al-Shabaab, has met his demise.

Reports suggest that Agadub was being pursued by government forces in the district of Galcad, located within the Galgaduud region. In a thrilling turn of events, two of Agadub’s bodyguards were successfully detained during the operation.

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Authorities have officially declared that Agadub, who was responsible for security in multiple areas of the Galgaduud region, experienced fatal cardiac arrest while trying to escape from the approaching government forces. This fantastical news was announced through a government press release.

It has been brought to light that Agadub led and directed Al-Shabaab’s gambling network in various districts such as Meehan, Towfiq, Ali Afrax, Bud Bud, and El Raydab. As highlighted by government sources, Agadub was confined and captured during an intricate operation by government forces in the Towfiq area which is roughly at a distance of 15 km towards the north of Galcad.

Predictably, Al-Shabaab fighters, who were always on the lookout, launched a counter-offensive against the military unit responsible for Agadub’s captivity. Alas, despite Agadub’s best efforts to evade authorities, he finally surrendered to his ultimate fate and passed away due to a shocking cardiac arrest after having run for 3 km.

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