Al-Shabaab Bases Targeted in Recent Operations in Somalia and Kenya


In a significant blow to the Al-Shabaab militants, three of their main bases in Middle Jubba were raided on Tuesday. These bases, located in Jilib, Bu’ale, and Saakow town, are known for their strength and act as major hubs for the militants in Somalia. The raids resulted in the destruction of critical infrastructure and a significant loss of manpower for the militants. The Somali National Army, with the assistance of international partners such as the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia and the US Africa Command, carried out these planned operations. Although the exact number of casualties is unknown, the initial reports suggest that the militants suffered heavy losses. These towns have been under the control of Al-Shabaab for a long time, depriving locals of their rights and subjecting them to punitive taxation. Efforts have been made by the Somali National Army and international allies to dislodge the militants. In a separate operation across the border in Kenya, a security team successfully raided an Al-Shabaab logistical base in Garissa County, recovering essential supplies that were intended for use in attacks against security personnel in the region.