Africa: President of COP28 Calls for Global Collaboration on Climate Action and Implementation in Dubai


Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, the President of COP28, delivered a powerful speech at the opening session of Pre-COP, urging the global community to unite in taking action against climate change. He emphasized the need for unity, action, and results in Dubai.

Pre-COP, a preparatory meeting for COP28, is currently taking place in Abu Dhabi with a remarkable number of attendees. Over 70 ministers and more than 100 delegations have gathered in the UAE capital, surpassing the typical participation for a Pre-COP.

Acknowledging the current divisions in the world, the COP28 President emphasized the importance of coming together to address climate change and deliver a message of hope, solidarity, stability, and prosperity. Dr. Al Jaber emphasized the capability of the international community to deliver and maintain the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Dr. Al Jaber highlighted the progress made since the Paris Agreement but warned that it is insufficient. While the world is now on track to limit global warming to two to three degrees, further action is necessary to accelerate the pace of change.

Expressing trust in the power of multilateralism, the COP28 President urged all parties to fulfill their responsibilities towards the Global Stocktake and meet the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement. He emphasized the need for a robust response and emphasized key areas such as mitigation, adaptation, and innovative financial solutions. He urged the fulfillment of promises made in Sharm el Sheikh.

To achieve a 43 percent reduction in emissions by 2030, Dr. Al Jaber called for solid solutions based on scientific evidence. On the issue of fossil fuels and renewables, he called for collaboration and consensus-building among all stakeholders, stressing the importance of responsibility, pragmatism, and inclusivity.

Providing an update on policy, the COP28 President mentioned the positive progress made by over 20 oil and gas companies in committing to end methane emissions by 2030. He also highlighted engagement with high-emitting sectors to develop credible decarbonization plans. Dr. Al Jaber emphasized the need for capital flows to be directed towards the Global South and rebuilding trust in developing nations.

In conclusion, Dr. Al Jaber stressed the importance of keeping old promises, particularly the 100-billion-dollar pledge. He called for action on adaptation and preserving natural carbon sinks, as well as embedding nature-positive investments in national climate strategies. The COP28 President stated that the world is watching and emphasized the responsibility of all to ensure the success of the process and deliver results in Dubai.