Africa: Huawei announces a $430 million investment to accelerate digital development in Africa

Africa: Huawei Announces A $430 Million Investment To Accelerate Digital Development In Africa

The President of Huawei Northern Africa (North, West, and Central Africa), Mr. Terry He, has announced that the multinational company will invest $430 million to accelerate digital development in Africa. He made the announcement during a presentation on the “Accelerating Intelligence” strategy in three aspects at the Huawei Northern Africa Night event.

(Special Envoy to Shanghai) – “On behalf of Huawei Northern Africa, I announce the ‘Intelligent Future’ investment plan.”

The revelation comes from Mr. Terry He, the President of Huawei Northern Africa (North, West, and Central Africa), who publicly disclosed this information during the Huawei Northern Africa Night. He stated: “Over the next five years, this plan will encompass Huawei’s investments in intelligent development in North Africa.”

In terms of technology, Mr. He stated, “Huawei will invest $200 million to establish the first public cloud node in the region, offering over 200 cloud services.”

Regarding ecosystem development, he continued, “Huawei will invest $200 million to support 200 local software partners and enable 1,300 distribution partners to benefit from it.”

Furthermore, Huawei will invest $30 million to train 10,000 local developers and 100,000 digital talents, creating a hub for regional talent in the field of intelligence.

With Huawei’s ambition for the continent, the President of Northern Africa, West, and Central Africa region calls for “unity.” He said, “Let us all contribute to fueling the fire of intelligence in Africa, so that the dreams of Africans regarding intelligence can become a reality more quickly.”

A 3-Part “Accelerating Intelligence” Strategy

These announced investments indicate that Huawei will strengthen its presence in Africa.

The multinational company will do so based on a strategy promoting inclusion and improving the quality of life.

This is already evident in the technology applied to precision medicine, the establishment of smart and connected classrooms in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Côte d’Ivoire in the education sector.

In the same vein, there will also be efforts to improve governance and create a better business environment for companies in all sectors.

On this aspect, the multinational company aims to improve urban traffic, increase public revenue, mitigate macroeconomic risks, and enhance the economic resilience of states.

It will also focus on boosting the economy by helping countries transform key industries in Africa, namely agriculture, oil, and gas.