Africa: Global Summit on the Transformation of the DRC – Guy Loando enlightens participants on spatial organization

Africa: Global Summit On The Transformation Of The Drc – Guy Loando Enlightens Participants On Spatial Organization

Ichanges Nations, an international organization dedicated to promoting global cooperation, sustainable development, and peace, recently organized the Global Summit in Kinshasa on the theme “Unleashing the Potential of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Industrializing Africa”.

One of the keynote speakers at the high-level meeting, the Minister of State for Land Planning, Me Guy Loando Mboyo, presented on a crucial topic related to his sector, namely “The Crucial Role of the Ministry of Land Planning in Spatial Planning”.

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During his presentation, Me Guy Loando Mboyo shed light on the ongoing initiatives and projects aimed at promoting sustainable development and strategic urbanization in the DRC. He also emphasized the importance of harmonizing territorial planning policies to achieve the country’s economic transformation goals.

The lively discussions and fruitful exchanges that took place throughout this summit highlighted the collective commitment to sustainable economic growth and industrialization in Africa.

Ichanges Nations expressed its gratitude to all participants, speakers, and partners who contributed to the success of this global summit. It is believed that the shared ideas and initiatives discussed during this meeting will have a positive impact on the transformation of the DRC and the growth of the entire African continent.

It is worth noting that the Global Summit on Unleashing the Potential of the DRC and Industrializing Africa was honored by the presence of the honorary Vice President of the Republic of Ecuador, Mrs. Rosalia Arteaga, and many other personalities, including political leaders, development experts, entrepreneurs, and key actors from civil society.

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