Africa: Cult in Kenya – Over 400 bodies exhumed four months after Paul Mackenzie’s arrest

Africa: Cult In Kenya - Over 400 Bodies Exhumed Four Months After Paul Mackenzie's Arrest

In Kenya, the detention of self-proclaimed pastor Paul Mackenzie, who is accused of inciting his followers to starve themselves to meet God, has once again been extended at the prosecutor’s request. And four months after his arrest, the discovery of new bodies continues. 425 corpses have been exhumed.

The pastor was arrested in April after the first victims’ bodies were found in the Shakahola forest. However, he has not yet been formally charged, as new corpses continue to be discovered. According to the latest report, 425 bodies have been exhumed to date, and the investigation is ongoing.

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In May, prosecutors announced that the self-proclaimed pastor Paul Mackenzie would be charged, among other things, with terrorism. However, the details of the charges are not yet known, as the investigation is lengthy due to the seriousness of the crimes.

The fourth phase of corpse exhumation began in mid-July. Authorities expect the death toll to continue to rise. And almost every week reveals a new aspect of horror.

Organ Disappearance

Autopsies conducted on the victims’ bodies confirm that the majority died of starvation, but some also show signs of strangulation and stabbing. Even worse, forensic doctors have found cases of sexual abuse and organ disappearance, indicating a possible trafficking operation.

The collection of evidence continues. Investigators still need to interview some of the rescued victims, most of whom were discovered emaciated and psychologically affected. Their recovery is still ongoing.

According to several Kenyan media outlets, some survivors have told investigators that Pastor Mackenzie himself presided over the funerals of hundreds of his followers who died of starvation, eulogizing some of them as “heroes.”

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