Africa: Antonio Guterres targets seven key areas to expedite the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Africa: Antonio Guterres Targets Seven Key Areas To Expedite The Achievement Of Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs)

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, has identified seven key areas on which countries can focus their efforts to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it was revealed on Thursday.

Among these seven areas, “there are real investments for sustainable development,” according to his statement read during the closing of the High-Level Political Forum on Development, transmitted to APS by the United Nations system in Senegal.

This means “transforming financial support into concrete investments in developing countries, aiming to reach at least $500 billion per year for sustainable development,” he explained.

“The implementation of commitments,” another key point, he emphasized, must “translate commitments made at the summit into concrete policies, budgets, investment portfolios, and tangible actions, while strengthening accountability and tracking progress through voluntary national reviews.”

These recommendations also include “support for key transitions” and “massive investments in social protection.”

He explained that support for key transitions consists of strengthening support for actions in six key areas of transition towards the SDGs.” These areas include food, energy, digitalization, education, social protection and employment, and biodiversity.

“Massive investments in social protection,” he continued, consist of “planning now for massive increases in investments in social protection to cover an additional one billion people by 2025 and four billion by 2030.”

“Achieving the target of official development assistance” is also important in progressing towards the SDGs, he advocated, supporting that it is time for developed countries to reach the target of 0.7% of gross national income devoted to official development assistance.

He called for “global financial reforms” in the global financial system to better meet the needs of developing countries, including the urgent “rechanneling” of unused $100 billion in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and the mobilization of private financing.

Lastly, Mr. Guterres invited all countries to take “concrete action for climate change.” According to him, this involves presenting concrete plans and proposals at COP28 to avoid the worst effects of climate change, fulfill global promises of essential support, and help developing countries successfully transition to renewable energies in a just and equitable manner.

The Sustainable Development Goals Summit, held on September 18th and 19th under the auspices of the United Nations in New York, was an opportunity for Senegal to demonstrate its commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future for all, according to the United Nations system in Senegal.