Africa: ANAT and PAVART meet Senegalese diaspora in Paris to showcase investment opportunities

Africa: Anat And Pavart Meet Senegalese Diaspora In Paris To Showcase Investment Opportunities

The Senegalese diaspora is a valuable asset for Senegal’s development. We aim to present them with PAVART, an ambitious plan that offers numerous investment and collaboration opportunities,” stated Mamadou Djigo, Director General of the National Agency for Territorial Planning (ANAT), during the presentation of the National Program for the Support and Valuation of Territorial Resources (PAVART) to the Senegalese diaspora in Paris, as stated in a received press release.

The same source emphasizes that Hapsatou Sy, Ambassador of PAVART, is proud to announce the visit of the Director General of ANAT to Paris from September 26 to 28 in this regard.

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Indeed, the purpose of this visit is to present the Senegalese diaspora with the National Plan for Territorial Development and Planning and PAVART, an ambitious project aimed at promoting Senegal’s industrialization, job creation, and highlighting investment opportunities in the country, as stated in the document.

According to the press release, PAVART is a strategic initiative of ANAT, aiming to develop the entire Senegalese territory in a balanced and sustainable manner. This ambitious program is based on three fundamental pillars: industrialization, job creation, and attracting investments.

Through an integrated and inclusive approach, the document indicates that PAVART aims to energize the Senegalese economy while preserving natural resources and promoting the well-being of local communities.

According to the same source, during his visit to Paris, Mamadou Djigo will meet with the Senegalese diaspora to present the different components of PAVART and discuss investment opportunities in various key sectors such as agriculture, industry, tourism, renewable energy, and many others.

Thus, this meeting will also strengthen the bonds between the diaspora and Senegal, and encourage their active involvement in the country’s economic and social development, he added.

Therefore, ANAT encourages all members of the Senegalese diaspora in France to participate in this unique event and contribute to the economic and social development of Senegal, concludes the document.

As a reminder, the National Agency for Territorial Planning (ANAT) is a government agency responsible for implementing the Government’s policy on Territorial Planning and promoting the balanced economic development of all regions of Senegal while ensuring sustainable management of natural resources.

ANAT implements strategic plans such as PAVART to stimulate industrialization, create jobs, and attract investments in Senegal.

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