Africa: A Growingly Tense Situation in Niger

Africa: A Growingly Tense Situation In Niger

The Malagasy people are closely following the events in Niger. Even though it may not directly affect their region, they are interested in the escalating situation.

The military, who staged the coup, refuse to yield to pressure from the ECOWAS and are prepared to oppose any military action taken against them. The heads of state of the West African community are determined to restore constitutional order, even if it requires the use of force. The threat is serious, but there is still a possibility of negotiating a resolution as all avenues for negotiation have not yet been exhausted.

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A tense situation in Niger

The ruling junta in Niger is accusing France, although the country has not shown any hostile attitude throughout the events. France condemned the coup and called for the restoration of constitutional order, but its military forces have not been mobilized. It is the ECOWAS that has the authority to address this crisis in Niger.

The leadership of the commission has issued an ultimatum to the military behind the coup. The deadline has passed, and the heads of state who met yesterday have decided to use force to restore constitutional order. Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara made it clear that he would provide a brigade of 800 men to the force. However, the meeting of the Chiefs of Staff, scheduled to take place in Ghana today, has been postponed a week, indicating that negotiations are not entirely closed.

The members of the current regime claim they are ready to resist any armed action. They accuse the ECOWAS of being in the pocket of France. Many protesters have gathered outside the French military base in Niamey to express their hostility towards it. The situation is very tense, but it is still under the control of numerous Nigerian security forces. Diplomacy is still at work and can resolve this crisis that has not yet reached its climax.

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