Zambia: President denies being an autocrat


Lusaka, Zambia– Is Zambia sinking into authoritarianism and autocracy? No, hammer Edgar Lungu.

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The Zambian president has denied any attempt to curtail the freedom of assembly of opposition leaders.

He spoke at the beginning of the weekend during one of his very rare meetings with the press invited for the occasion to the presidential palace.

According to Lungu, the opposition does not care about the development of the country.

“Nothing prevents you from holding public meetings if you feel like it. But, for my part, I prefer to focus on more serious problems … rather than galvanize the crowds without stopping from 2016 to 2021 ”

Edgar Lungu came to power in Zambia in 2015 after the death of President Michael Sata before the end of his term. He was again elected in 2016 on a program based on the fight against negligence and a society of privileges.

Appreciated for its shocking anti-corruption operations, its opponents criticize an autocratic turn and measures sometimes judged borderline legality.

Nothing seems to shake the former lawyer.

At the press conference on Friday the Zambian head of state said he would run for his own estate in 2021, if he gets the mandate from his party.


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