Abrupt Explosion of Mortar Claims 27 Lives, with a Heartbreaking Majority Being Innocent Children, in Somalia

Abrupt Explosion Of Mortar Claims 27 Lives, With A Heartbreaking Majority Being Innocent Children, In Somalia

It was a bleak day on Saturday June 10, 2023, as chaos and confusion descended upon Qoryoley in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region. The harrowing event involved a mortar shell explosion that caused a staggering fatality count of 27 people, with innocent children bearing the brunt of the attack. In addition to the loss of life, a further 53 individuals were left wounded and in dire need of assistance.

Initially, officials and residents were certain that twenty individuals had lost their lives during the incident, but subsequent reports have confirmed a higher body count. The tragedy unfolded as children were innocently playing with a mortar shell that had not detonated. Unfortunately, without warning, the explosive device went off causing chaos to ensue and leaving innocent victims in its wake.

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The level of devastation is astounding, and as a result, residents are calling on the government and aid agencies to take urgent action and remove any unexploded shells or landmines in the immediate area. It is believed that the shells that caused this senseless tragedy were used by warring factions, highlighting the ongoing risks and dangers that the people of Somalia continue to face.

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