20 militants from the Al-Shabab group reportedly perish in southern Somalia

20 Militants From The Al-shabab Group Reportedly Perish In Southern Somalia

More than 20 al-Shabab militants were killed and others wounded in a fierce battle with the Somali National Army’s elite force, Gorgor, at a military base in the Awdheegle district of southern Somalia. Deputy Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism, Abdirahman Yusuf Al-adala, praised the brave troops for swiftly responding to the attack and successfully foiling it. The SNA forces left over 20 dead bodies of al-Shabab terrorists at the scene and also recovered weapons during the operation. It is unclear if there were any casualties on the SNA side. Al-Shabab militants took responsibility for the attack, claiming to have killed 59 soldiers, including commanders, and overrun the base. However, the group has a history of inflating casualty figures. Despite increased operations by the security forces and their allies, the terrorist attacks in Somalia persist.