150 Militants of al-Shabaab Killed in Somalia

150 Militants Of Al-shabaab Killed In Somalia

According to recent reports from reputable news agency Mehr News, a significant military operation in Somalia resulted in the elimination of approximately 150 members belonging to the notorious terrorist organization, al-Shabaab. This action was taken by a joint effort between the Somali army and its allies, who successfully conducted an air operation just two days prior, which resulted in the elimination of 20 terrorists.

News sources have also confirmed that the Somali army’s relentless operations led to the death of 13 additional al-Shabaab members on Saturday night. Al-Shabaab, an armed group associated with the notorious al-Qaeda network, has been responsible for countless acts of terrorism, claiming the lives of numerous innocent individuals across Africa.

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Focusing primarily on attacking government troops and African Union peacekeeping forces in the capital city, Mogadishu, as well as in various other regions of Somalia, this militant organization has carried out audacious acts of terror in other African nations too. It is worth mentioning that since July 2022, the Somali government forces, in partnership with local armed tribesmen, have actively engaged in military operations against al-Shabaab, aiming to eliminate their threat.

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