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The United States plans to sell 12 combat and reconnaissance aircraft to Nigeria to help the country fight Boko Haram.

The sale, a long-standing request from Abuja, was stopped by Barack Obama just before the end of his term after a bombing by a refugee camp by the Nigerian army.

With our correspondent in Washington, Anne-Marie Capomaccio

On January 17, the Nigerian army bombed a refugee camp in the northeast of the country by mistake , killing a hundred people.

In Washington, President Obama, who was about to agree to the sale of combat aircraft in Abuja, decided to reconsider his decision three days before his departure.

The White House had publicly expressed its distrust of a Nigerian army that does not respect human rights and that, according to the Pentagon, was infiltrated by elements close to Boko Haram. Cooperation was reduced to its simplest form.

Three months later, the Trump administration finally seems to give its blessing to this transaction, for 12 reconnaissance, surveillance and combat aircraft. The decision was made after the telephone conversation between Donald Trump and his counterpart Buhari in February.

The White House statement was issued late, but the information is unequivocal: President Trump is backing the sale of US planes in Nigeria to help him in his fight against Boko Haram. A $ 600 million deal that Congress has yet to approve.

Axadle Times
Axadle International Monitoring – Africa

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